Golden Splendor!

May 27, 2012 at 1:45 am Leave a comment

A visit to the Golden Splendor spirited us back to centuries long past where the Catholic church and faith and reverence were represented in gold. The extensive exhibition highlighted golden artifacts created by various artisans throughout the Westfalian region, many of which are in use in local churches today. Relics were showcased in elaborate and richly ornate objects of innumerable shapes and sizes, all representing various saints or biblical stories, all encased in gold, silver and precious jewels. The goldsmiths, throughout the medieval period, created miniature churches and people with unbelievable attention to detail, all in gold, and the sophistication and style of the artisans’ creation brought history and biblical truths to the populace (then and now!)

I was enjoying the exhibit, listening to the audio guide and basking in the golden splendor that I did not notice my team and our hosts had long since vacated the premises and had been patiently waiting for close to 20 minutes! Once out of the exhibit I was thrilled to learn that a second half awaited us in another building! More golden splendor. More history. More waiting for me! The exhibit was absolutely exceptional. All the history made more significant given many of the objects were in use and on display in churches throughout the region.A definite highlight, so far, for me!

We were not able to take pictures (drat!) but there is a brief movie available–just Google Golden Pracht and you too will be able to experience a bit of the Golden splendor!





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