More Munster Musings

May 27, 2012 at 2:23 am Leave a comment

While I have been using a bike to move about the city for the past week, Friday afternoon was an experience in local Munster daily living for the rest of the team. We, together with Christian and Gregor, explored the surrounding area by bike. We left the city for the lush green countryside, complete with farms, rivers, canals, and wood lands. We biked over cobblestones, pavement, gravel and dirt roads and pathways before resting for a mouthwatering meal of schnitzel and before providing Andrea, Cory and Lindsey and opportunity to taste another brand of German water (also known as beer!) The nearby countryside was nestled amongst and between the city and roadways, providing residents and tourists alike with a restful reprieve from the hustle of urban life. Our bike tour back to the city took us along a peaceful river, through a lightly wooded area (where I experimented with biking and taking a picture all while trying to avoid oncoming bike traffic–while no accident ensued, I restrained future impulses to snap pictures while biking!). Once back in Munster proper we followed the canal down to the harbour, past sunbathers and swimmers who braved the chilly canal waters, so we could enjoy another cold beverage in picturesque and restful surroundings.

Once back in the city we had the opportunity to visit an art gallery, FB69, that highlighted interesting modern art–this interesting experience proved to us once again, that art is definitely in the eye of the beholder and the critics!



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Golden Splendor! Vielen Dank Munster!

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