Danke schoen Willich

June 10, 2012 at 3:08 pm 1 comment

The last few days in Willich were amazing!

One my 3rd vocational day with RWE I had the opportunity to view a .7 megawatt biogas power plant that has been in operation since 2007. The first thing that stood out was the location; directly adjacent to one of their lignite coal power plants. The electricity generated at the biogas plant is sold onto the grid at a government approved rate, and the heat generated at this facility is piped into the coal plant to heat the indoors for the workers. Also from this facility you could see a dozen or so RWE wind turbines and the farms that produce the bio-material used to generate heat and electricity. They also had enough room to store 25,000 tons of corn product used to generate biogas. It looked about 50% full during my visit. After a tour around the site and a very educational discussion on the current state of renewable energies in Germany, and the need for even more over the next 10 years as Germany moves to be 100% nuclear power free, we visited a test agriculture field where RWE is growing several different crops to use in biogas and biomas power plants, attempting to find the most efficient and environmentally sensitive products possible. Here I really felt like I was seeing the future of German renewable energy innovation!

The end of the week and weekend we were treated to cultural actives that I will remember for a lifetime. The boat tour up the Rhine River and the trip to Aachen were both pretty much indescribable although I credit Marie and her earlier blogs for summing up each of those experiences as good as possible. We also toured Bonn, the Capitol of old West Germany, and learned about the history of Germany post World War II. As a history buff this was a treat for me. In the evening we experienced a huge highlight for the trip, watching a 1-0 Germany over Portugal victory in the opening group stage of the 2012 Euro Cup. Best of all we watched the game in a Portuguese restaurant! At first I questioned the decision to send us into a Portuguese restaurant dressed in full team Germany garb, but it was really great. The place was roughly divided down the middle and everyone screamed and cheered at every close call. To say the German fans (including GSE team Germany) went “bananas” after Germany scored the one and only goal, would be an understatement. Great game and great experience. They play two more times before our trip comes to an end in a week and I hope we have more chances to watch the games with the screaming locals!

Today we transferred to a new city and new host family for the final time. I am with Johannes and Carolann Grafin von Schmettow and they are terrific. Seems like we are going to finish out with another wonderful week of vocational and cultural experiences that we will remember and benefit from forever. I’m excited!

– Cory








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Amazing Aachen! Bonn & Beethoven

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  • 1. billrobson1  |  June 10, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    This is absolutely wonderful and what GSE is all about. Thanks for the update Cory.


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