Food, Beer, Wine & Germany

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Food, Beer, & Wine

The food, the wine, the beer…and Germany!

When we think of Germany, beer, bratwurst, and schnitzel are the first things that come to mind—and for good reason it seems! Beer is serious business here—Dusseldorf makes an alt beer while other parts of Germany specialize in other beers; Cologne offers a very mild, pale beer that I almost enjoyed!) While not a beer drinker I was determined to try—good thing too as my first host family was shocked when I said I didn’t drink beer (by then I already had a taste and decided to stick with wine or applescholle) and she replied that she couldn’t think of not drinking beer as indulging in a beer was a great way to unwind after a hard days work, or for that matter. Others enjoyed a cool beer after a bike ride, with lunch, with a cigarette, while watching soccer—well, and our team got into the swing of things. In fact Cory and Andrea, and to a lesser extent, Lindsey took pictures of themselves each time they had a beer for the first time at a place—that is not an insignificant number of photographs for their albums! Highlights of our trip included visits to pubs and a tour of a brewery in Dusseldorf. Sadly (okay, not so sadly, I remained unconvinced when it comes to beer despite sampling a mouthful of many different types.)

Now when it comes to white wine, Germany produces a range of excellent vintages and I had great pleasure sampling various options throughout the trip. The Rhine cruise took us through wine country where rolling hills are filled with grape vines galore! German wines go beyond the sweet Rieslings of yester-year…they have very nice dry Rieslings, fabulous Pinot Grigios and other tasty varieties whose names I cannot spell….can’t wait to get home to see what is on offer at our local liquor store!

Cory was enthralled with the meals available here—so thrilled he started taking pictures of his plate both before and after each meal! Since we arrived in asparagus season we had ample opportunity to try white asparagus everywhere! The white variety grows underground and needs peeling before use—the larger stems are quite stringy and therefore require lots of cooking rendering them very soft. These regional favourites are served with hollandaise sauce, potatoes and cold ham slices. We were treated to this fare for the first three weeks of our visit. I appreciated the asparagus salad Martina made while I stayed with her—it was tender crisp and lovely in a salad and balsamic vinegar. Aside from asparagus, meat (usually pork) and potatoes (with very few veggies) as usual—Elizabeth would have been in seventh heaven here! The team kept ordering schnitzel whenever given the chance—we loved it plain, with mushrooms, with cranberries—you get the picture right?! But the most fun the team had with a meal was when we were served a crispy baked pork knuckle! It was a big hunk of meat accompanied with a roll and a small amount of cabbage salad. The team was thrilled—I think everyone wanted their picture holding the huge offering (much like a giant drumstick). Aside from the schnitzel (a favourite at home too) I thoroughly enjoyed the meal Dorthea and Burkhard Gronwald made for us—sauerbraten, spaetzle, red cabbage, and potatoes (another home favourite for me!)

The bread was fabulous—ryes, whole wheat, white and multi-grain options, all crispy, and available fresh each day. Anyone who knows me knows that fresh bread (not that sliced stuff available in N.A.) is a personal weakness. Had it not been for the bread I do believe I would not need to up my exercise routine when I get home! As a team we certainly enjoyed the food and libations on offer in Germany!


Just posing–after one sip, Cory volunteered to help me out by finishing it!

White asparagus, potatoes and schnitzel.

Yummy-baked pork knuckle!


Market veggies

More schnitzel!


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  • 1. billrobson1  |  June 18, 2012 at 6:51 am

    I have to ge eat now. Thank goodness it’s breakfast time and I can get away with a bowl of cereal.


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